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5 Memorable Ways to Spend Your Anniversary & Spoil Your S.O.

Time flies, and before you know it, your next anniversary is just around the corner!

No matter if you have been married for just under a year, or have just reached your 50th gold anniversary – it can be hard to think of something meaningful and unique to spend your special day.

If you plan to surprise and spoil them silly this year – we got just the list of ideas to inspire your romantic celebration and get the two of you falling hard in love all over again!

1.Plan a secret mini getaway.

You might not have the funds to splurge on a lavish vacation at the moment, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t plan a secret mini getaway for you and your lover.

Organize a short staycation or trip to a nearby island; spending some time just to unplug and explore someplace new together. You can easily adjust the agenda to fit relaxing or adventurous – making this a super versatile option for any couple!

Better yet, surprise your better half by hosting a get-together with beloved friends and family on your anniversary – no one has to know that it’s the couple’s special day, and spending it with your loved ones quickly turns a casual anniversary date into something far more heart-warming and memorable.

Pop up with a romantic pair of rose gold wedding rings midway during the party to rededicate your love to your S.O. – there is no better way to spend your anniversary by expressing your sincere commitment to your partner and recreating the milestone moment when you first exchanged your wedding vows.

At Love & Co., we offer the exciting option for you to design your own bespoke rings – with over 30,000 permutations, choose everything from your diamond, all the way to the material and intricate engravings to create a ring based on your story!

2. Enroll in a class to learn something new together.

Going out of your comfort zone is the best way to push the boundaries of your relationship and grow together as a power couple.

It can be anything that requires the two of you to work together, such as a cooking or dance class – not only do you get to learn a new skill, but you might just discover your partner’s hidden talents! It also creates great memories that you can both look back on and laugh over.

Turn it into some healthy competition by setting some rules, such as a budget or theme and watch what happens – you will be surprised at what the power of love is able to conjure up!

3. Instead of movie night, try watching something different.

Skip Netflix and chill or the local cinema this anniversary – instead, purchase tickets to a concert or musical, attend comedy night, or participate in an immersive theatrical dining experience!

There are plenty of unique experiences to try with your partner, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to jazz up your relationship – it will definitely be a pleasant surprise both for you, and your partner.

4. Give back to a cause that matters to the both of you.

While anniversaries should be all about you and your partner, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget about connecting with the bigger things that matter to the both of you.

Join forces with your partner to participate in a special cause or charity organization – and fall in love with the kind and loving spirit of each other!

5. Start a new tradition.

Switch things up in the home by starting a brand-new tradition – it could be taking the time to spruce up the home together, or simply making it a point to visit a specific restaurant you both absolutely adore.

Using your anniversary to do something productive like redecorating the house definitely gives the day a whole new meaning!

Anniversaries only come once a year – so, take the opportunity to learn something new about your better half, and relive the love you have for each other even with the passing of time!

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