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Memorable milestone reached in our customers' love journey


Kevin & Jingyi

"I met her at a party and fell in love at first sight. I knew immediately that she is the one for me. For my marriage proposal, I decided to pop the question when we were having dinner in a restaurant. She was surprised and said YES!"


Amiza & Faizan

“I met my husband a year ago on a board flight to Bali. I was the flight attendant while he was operating as the captain of the flight. As it was a short turnaway flight, we only managed to say “hi” to each other. It happened during Ramadhan; hence I offered him “dates fruit” for break-fast. I must say it’s fated by al-mighty that “dates fruit” brought us together to date. We exchanged numbers and started texting each other before dating a couple of months later. One day, he proposed to me and brought me to Love & Co. for our wedding bands the next day. To personalise our rings, we engraved them with our names. We are so blessed to be married for three months now.”


Jo Yen & Joshua

“When I was 19 years old, I made a new friend on Facebook. He happened to be my high school senior mate back then. It’s amazing that we did not know each other in high school, but we got closer through social media. From chatting on Facebook to every date we went, we get to understand each other better day by day. On our 6th anniversary, he officially proposed to me. As I walked into the engagement venue, I can’t stop my tears as he sang my favourite song with 99 red roses and a beautiful ring. I will always remember how my fiancé kneeled down on one knee and proposed with the magnificent ring with Lovemarque diamond.“


Yuenyung & Daryl

“It was back in 2014, when we first met each other through a friend. Since then, we have been friends for almost a year until 2015, where we finally started dating. Four years later, my colleagues brought me to Ritz Carlton, where I was told that we will be having dinner there together. When I reached the hotel, I was welcomed by a dim light topped with candles and fairy lights, accompanied by a very nice song. A short video of our journey was played on a laptop. After the video ended, the sliding door opened and my fiancé was already waiting for me eagerly before he popped the question.“


Sufian & Ivy

"In June 2018, he asked me to follow him for his flight to London as he is the pilot operating that flight. During our tour to Stonehenge in Wiltshire England, he took out the engagement ring and proposed to me. It was even more meaningful as the proposal happened on my birthday. And exactly one year later, we exchanged our vows 165 meters above ground level with the enrapturing Marina Bay Skyline as our backdrop, and in front of the beautiful cityscape and limitless skies."


Monice & Ram

“We first met in our secondary school days when I was 14 and he was 16. Even though we never had the chances to interact in school, he noticed me after school as we usually take the same bus home. After several times, he told a mutual friend about it and that’s how we started dating. For the proposal, as I am a baker, he and his friends from the same school tricked me into delivering a box of surprise cupcakes to the HDB block opposite our school, where he proposed to me. I ended up delivering the cupcakes to myself instead!”

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